Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Type of Vehicle Would You Recommend for a Travel Nurse?

By Aaron Moore, RN, MSN, columnist

Q: I'm thinking about travel nursing and wanted to know what kind of vehicle you recommend?

A: Travel nursing certainly does impart the need to bring stuff with you when you go to a new location. For some assignments, you might find that you will use air transportation. In those cases, I will tell you from experience: bring an empty suitcase when you fly out because you'll accumulate enough stuff in three months that you'll need something to get it all back home. These types of assignments may include a car rental, but check with your recruiter before taking my word on it.

But for those assignments that will include driving, just make a few simple choices for your vehicle and how you pack it—and then take your time and enjoy the journey.

Road trips are one of my favorite parts of traveling (as you can read in previous blogs). I personally traveled with a wagon-like vehicle and really found it perfect for my "keep it simple" lifestyle. It allowed my wife and I to each take a large Rubbermaid container for our clothes and personal stuff, and one for all our shared things like items for the kitchen, living room and dining room.

We also purchased a topper for the car that allowed us to haul additional, non-breakable items in a secure container. After packing the tubs and the topper, you just shove stuff in the gaps and you're good to go. We were even able to provide enough space for our Daschund to curl up in the back on a blanket and take a nap.

I met plenty of people who traveled to their assignments in trucks and SUVs, and some made cars work, as well. I think it really depends on the person and what you think you need to bring with you when you go. If you have a lot of stuff you may need a bigger vehicle.

Or you could just consider minimalizing your belongings. You'd be surprised what you really need! Whether you are heading for a big city or a smaller town like exotic Minot, North Dakota, there will be so much to do and see in your new location, that you'll soon realize that you don’t need a ton of stuff.

Need more tips? See some of my previous blogs for advice on how to minimalize your load when living the dream of travel nursing.


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